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The sun has set on the life we knew.

Our path winds into tenebrous shadows.

The only light that can be seen in these dark times is the memory of the innocence we once held; for Life is short, and shortly it will end.

Death comes quickly and respects no one.

Death destroys everything and takes pity on no one.

It is only when the transition has passed, and the kiss of the moon is on our cheek that we may fully understand the mortality we once had...

Welcome to the Memento Mori Clan website. Here you will find information on our clan events, participants, RP, and much more. Feel free to message a Concilium member for more information about our clan at:

Thank you!
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❖§αββαтuм đøℵuм❖

Esme Oxidor, Feb 13, 11 10:19 PM.
❖§αββαтuм đøℵuм❖

✥ As vampires the Curse takes from us a portion of our blood each night. We seek out those who would sustain us, those who would offer the breath of life to us. In return, we offer our protection, our embrace, our care.

(Not to mention a little cider to help restore your Humanity. ;)  )

✥ Join us on this sacred of days to partake in the Sabbatum Donum, the ritual of life. Any and all may attend (Vampire/Lycan/Hybrid), though we are especially calling out to our Human companions to aid in this service.

✥ We ask that if you are able to give toward the Clan blood to do so, though even just stopping by to hang out or merely take a tour of the new Manor is also encouraged.

✥ This blood goes to everyone who seeks it, as we leave a 100L tank open to everyone in the clan. There are posted rules as to the consumption of the blood, but we hold this ritual for no other reason than to replenish our supply to help feed those who need it.

✥ We hope to see you there and we appreciate in advance all that you do to help encourage the prosperity of this clan.

✥ All Sabbatum events will be held on Friday evenings, 8PM SLT. Attendance isn't mandatory but preferable, as it's a great way to spend time with your clan!
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